Wednesday, February 15, 2012

A promise to myself,

A promise to slow down. 
A promise to step away from my office desk.
A promise to document.

Have I really become too busy to slow down and take some pictures? In this speedy world using camera phones and uploading to mobile albums has become the norm. A norm I thought I would never fall into. But here I am, I haven't used my camera once in 2012, and even worse, the pictures that I have been "tagged" in are bar shots from karaoke. Yuck! Something's gotta give. I have a lot coming up here in the next few months, and I look forward to retiring the camera app on my phone, and busting out my camera once again. Thankfully, there is no better time to start than in Spring.

Spring in general is a time of beauty in Oregon. A season of trails and climbs galore. Smith Rock here I come. I am sick of this gym climbing that winter has forced us all to settle for. Let's retire the rain and get back out to the desert.
Smith Rock, Ore.

Looking at my calendar on the office wall, I am eager to flip to the months ahead. My calendar acts as a visual reminder of motivation. Colorful sharpie writing, highlighted weeks and dates (and a lot of exclamation points)--all showcasing my trips and plans. In March, I see "MISSOULA!", which symbolizes my trip to Montana at the end of the month where I will volunteer my time at a local homeless shelter. April's explosion of highlighter and sharpie screams long weekends to Smith Rock and planned backpacking trips, etc.

From there, summer is present. A season of road trips, celebrations, and adventures- all planned around the constant theme of: get your ass out of that office, and go be outside.

There is no better time to promise myself to point and shoot, be trigger happy, retire the mobile uploads, and capture the beauty.

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