Wednesday, March 9, 2011


Travel :: Peace :: Adventure :: Joy :: Freedom :: Solitude :: Self :: 
Experience :: Beauty :: Gear :: Run :: Escape
Backpack :: Jump :: Hike :: Swim :: Ski :: Climb

Travel to keep your soul awake.
It is only when you truly go for it, that you find overwhelming, beautiful, peace of mind .
There is nothing greater than adventure.
The purest joy is realizing how small you really are in comparison to the natural beauties of the world.
Freedom comes when you take off running towards the unknown.
Societal isolation, solitude, becomes imperative for one to define their own self.

Experience your life. 
This is all you've got. 

The beauty of discovery can not be overlooked.
By doing this we begin to understand and appreciate.

Gear up.
Mentally, Physically, Intellectually.

Run away.
I believe it is one of the healthiest things one can do.

Take a time-out. Escape and recharge.
You will be a better employee, friend, and partner if you do.

Live out of a backpack at least once a season.
Jump head first.
Hike your weekends away.
Don't build mental dams, allow your ideas to swim around up there.
When you ski, remember that its okay to fall. Its how you know you are still trying.
Climb. Always remember to climb.

Wednesday, March 2, 2011


"My eyes were glued on life; and they were full of tears."  -Kerouac

Strength is a tricky thing. 
It's terrifying. 
It's unexpected. 
It's mad.
It's unnerving.

It's beautiful.

So what is it that gets us through lifes curve-balls? How is it that our intrinsic self-worth scale escalates while we seem to feel that we are in fact plummeting? Without question there is something beautiful about picking yourself up after a fall. There are things in life that we feel we cannot ever fully recover from. The pain takes over, the discouragement arises, and worst yet, the self loathing consumes you. 

In the end of the pain, we make it out to the other side.
We recover. 

Sometimes life hurts. The important thing to remember though is that it is okay for life to hurt. Its okay to admit "son of a bitch, when I fell, I scraped my knee, and damnit that hurt!" It is up to the individual though to decide what direction they will take after this admittance. Do you fall onto the ground and cry and whine and suffer? Or do you pick yourself up, get some Neosporin and a band-aid and dive into a pint of Ben and Jerrys?