Wednesday, July 27, 2011


 Fuck the status quo.
Own your own happiness.
If you wanna cigarette, smoke one. If you want to dance mid meeting, do it.
Nothing is stopping you from being who you are, and who you are meant to be. 
You are only limited when you start reading into what others want you to be.
Everyone deserves a break.
There is no shame on taking a timeout.
 Treat yourself. 
If your weakness is a daily tea. Drink every damn drop.
Stop adding up the expense of this guilty pleasure. 
If this is the one thing in the morning you can get down on, then isn't that worth more?
 Sleep in.
Lay in bed reading with your partner. 
You don't need to talk.
Just lie there with them and your book.
It's amazing how your souls will talk to each other.
"What is your process of growth?
The physical body obviously develops from childhood, 
but if you reflect on your life you will also see that you have grown in understanding, 
in intelligence, 
in accepting the world around you.
You have grown in the use of your senses.
Your body of knowledge to this point includes all that you have grown into, 
whether or not you have consciously entered a particular spiritual path."
Enjoy your spiritual path.
Enjoy your self.

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