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Sorry guys, but this post is mine. If you have seen my apartment (or wallet) it is filled with hiking trail maps, and lists of places trails that I have hit, and trails that I have yet to tackle. I decided it was time to get organized and list out all of the trails here in an organized fashion and just add to it and edit as I discover and complete.

Yet to Blaze:
(backpacking in yellow, hikes in blue)

--Mt. Defiance--
Where: The Gorge
Hike up Mt. Defiance Ridge to the summit and hike down Mt. Defiance Trail.
Total Mileage: 11 Miles
Elevation Gain: 4,900+ Feet
Difficulty Rating: Difficult

--Pacific Crest Trail: Columbia Ricer to California: First Leg--
Where: Columbia River to Timberline Lodge
Total Mileage: 52 Miles
Difficulty: Moderate

--Nasty Rock #3356--
Where: Gates, Clackamas Co.
Total Mileage: 5
Elevation: 4,500+
Difficulty: Difficult

--Netarts Spit--
Where: Netarts
Total Mileage: 10 Miles
Difficulty: Moderate

--Larch Mountain Trail--
Where: Bridal Veil
Total Mileage: 14 Miles
Elevation: 4,300+
Difficulty: Strenuous

--Ruckel Ridge Loop--
Where: Gorge
Total Mileage: 9 miles
Elevation: 3,700
Difficulty: Difficult

--Cooper Spur Trail--
Where: Hood River
Start Point: Cloud Cap Trailhead. Ending Point: Cooper Spur
Total Mileage: 7 Miles
Elevation: 2,800+
Difficulty: Moderate
Backpackable: Connects to Timberline Trail
Seasons: July - November

--South Sister--
Where: Sisters/Bend
Total Mileage: 10 Miles
Elevation: 10,300+
Difficulty: Moderate. A hike most can do, but it's a work out for sure.
Season: August to Mid-Oct

--Hells Canyon Bench "High" Trail--
Where: Imnaha
Total Mileage: 63 Miles
Elevation Gain: 14,900+ Feet
Season:Usually open April to November; best early to mid-May
--Saddle Mountain--
Where: Cannon Beach
Total Mileage: 5.5 Miles
Elevation: 1,600+
Difficulty: Moderate
Season: April-November

--Bear Creek Loop--
Where: Wallowa
Total Mileage: 39 Miles
Elevation: 6,300+
Difficulty: Difficult
Season: Usually open July to October; best Mid-July

--Blacklock Point--
Where: Bandon
Total Miles: 8 Miles
Difficulty: Easy/Moderate

Zig Zag Mountain Loop
Silver Star Loop

--Eagle Creek--
Where: Gorge
Total Miles: 26 Miles
A classic 2- to 3-day backpacking trip continues to Wahtum Lake. Snow closes this 26.8-mile loop from mid-November until June. Start by hiking up the Eagle Creek Trail 13.3 miles to Wahtum Lake. Then veer left on the Pacific Crest Trail for 6.3 miles to the Benson Plateau and turn left to descend the Ruckel Creek Trail back to your car.

Been There, Loved That:
--Tillamook Head to Indian Beach Trailhead: 16 Miles
--Drift Creek Falls: 6 Miles
-Smith Rock: 4 Miles
-Horsetail and Triple Falls: 5 Miles
- Silver Falls Loop: 7 Miles
- Black Butte: 8 Miles
-Bandon Loop: 21 Miles

Side notes to self:
-Backpacking Oregon: Lorain
-Mountain Hardwear women's 20 Switch

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